Monday, July 14, 2008

The Martiad : GAISF Martial Art & Combat Games

IFMA - thank you for this information. And I ask myself - will be savate part of The Martiad? I hope that we will talk on this year's savate assembly about our inclusion in it.


The General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) a partner of the IOC, has decided to organize games for the 13 IOC and GAISF recognized martial arts. The GAISF Martial Arts committee was established and the president of GAISF and IOC member Mr.Hein Verbruggen is the chairman of the committee.

The first meeting was held in Seoul, the second meeting in Brussels, the third meeting in Bangkok, the fourth in Greece, and the next meeting is planned for December in Moscow. The GAISF General Assembly approved the games and also a meeting with the IOC executive board was held for the patronage of the IOC.

The first games will be held in 2010 and bidding is underway. The Martiad is the first of its kind where the elite athletes from the 13 world recognized martial arts will participate.The martial art world with no doubt is eagerly anticipating the qualification and the games itself. History is in the making.

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