Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ohrid WAKO kickboxing Balkan Championships 2008

29th of June 2008 in Ohrid, Macedonia there was WAKO kickboxing Balkan championships. Slovenia was not present and as it seems "she" doesn't count "herself" anymore among Balkan countries, after joining EU. Weird.

But on the other hand we saw some Serbian savate fighters from Vojvodina there:
low kick WAKO (-51 kg): Srdjan Nadrljanski, low kick WAKO (-52 kg): Djendji Fleis and K1-style WAKO (-65 kg): Eva Halasi

See the report: http://www.wakoweb.com/Pdf/736.pdf

Eva Halasi (Serbia) vs. Sanja Ostojic (Montenegro)

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