Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frank May - LA SEMEUSE boxing, league PACA, France


Professeur Frank May has been the driving force of Savate Boxe Francaise in Nice France for well over thirty years. Studied under Professeur Gaston Meyer. Today he teaches at his club LA SEMEUSE. And acts like a superhero :) in FIGHT QUEST - savate documentary.
So - if SAVATE don't want to go to AGFIS, if PARIS didn't succeeded in 2012 Olympic games, and if historians of SAVATE cannot proove to ARISF and International Olympic Committee - Museum about its own olympic history 1900 and 1924, then savateurs - have the only one and certainly the last hope.
We present you savateur - FRANK MAY man who fights for Winter Olympic Games in France - Nice - 2018.

Maybe SAVATE will become another winter sport on a regular program of Winter Olympic Games. Who knows. Maybe our president hides some secrets. Joke.

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