Saturday, December 12, 2009

IFMA Muay thai - plans to be ARISF - IOC recognised

As I know this was allowed only to presentation sports on Olympic Games.

2009 IFMA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Representitives from 96 countries participated in this year‘s IFMA Annual General Meeting which was held at the Grand Ayudhya Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

The meeting was opened by the Permanent Secretary of Tourism & Sports industry of Thailand, Dr Sasithara Pichaichannarong, which again outlined the support of the Royal Thai Government and IFMA‘s plan to become IOC recognized.

Dr. Sasithara thanked the delegate for all the hard work, especially for the upcoming Sportaccord Games in Beijing, and in the name of the Royal Thai government she also thanked everyone for coming to Thailand and participating in the celebrations for His Majesty‘s birthday.

Many important agenda points had been discussed at the 2009 AGM and there is no doubt that 2010 will be a very important year, both for muaythai and IFMA.

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